Le Domaine des Naïades



How can I get the campsite brochure ?

As we are committed to our environment policy, we have decided not to publish a paper brochure. You can find all useful information, booking forms and photos on our website.

Feel free to get in touch by phone on 0033 (0)494 556 780, or by e-mail to lesnaiades@marvilla-parks.com if you have any further queries.

Is the campsite approved by “Jeunesse et Sport”? (Youth & sport programme in France) ?

Since it is a 5* campsite, the Domaine des Naïades is exempted from this approval.

How far away is the sea, and is the beach sandy ?

You can walk to the sandy beach at Port-Grimaud which is 900m from the entrance to the Domaine des Naïades.

Is the swimming pool heated ?

Yes, the swimming pool and paddling pool are heated in the off-season.

Can I wear shorts in the swimming pool ?

Shorts, Bermuda shorts, or any other outfit not suitable for swimming (all fabrics not intended for swimming) will be systematically refused.

Accepted outfits must necessarily clearly display their composition in Lycra and / or Neoprene (fabrics for swimming).

Accepted outfits must have an adjusted / tight cut.

Any loose clothing, even in Lycra / Neoprene, will be refused for safety reasons. Hats and / or other headgear, if intended for aquatic use, must necessarily clearly display their composition in Lycra and / or Neoprene.

Any hat – loose headgear, even in Lycra / Neoprene, will be refused for safety reasons.

Can I light a barbecue on my pitch ?

Charcoal barbecues are strictly prohibited within the campsite.

Only electric barbecues are permitted (2000 watt maximum).

Does the campsite offer activities for adults/children? Daytime/Evening ?

From opening until August 27, there are daytime sports activities. In pre-season, they are rather geared towards fitness and getting back into shape; from July 1, there are more fun activities on the afternoon program.

A kid’s club is in place from June 1 to August 27 and evening entertainment from July 1 to August 31.

Can I arrive at the campsite outside of the reception opening hours ?

Yes, late arrivals are looked after by a night guard. We remind you that reception is open from 8am to 7pm and that vehicle traffic is forbidden within the campsite after midnight.

Can I add a tent beside my mobile home ?

No, pitching a tent beside a mobile home is STRICTLY forbidden.

Is there access for persons with reduced mobility ?

Although poorly suited to persons with reduced mobility owing to its terraced configuration, the campsite does, however, have disabled access to the swimming pool and also has a mobile home for PRM (COMFORT +2/3pers with air conditioning, Site J036).

What are the Eco-Awareness for the treatment of domestic waste and what are the costs ?

Our operation is subject to natural resource and waste disposal charges. This is a budgetary impact with an awareness-raising value. This contribution is due for every person (0.40 €/day/person).